• 1403880435_md

    Dr. Jennifer Hawkins' NSF funded research is to examine the genetics of biomass accumulation for bioenergy production.
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  • bio

    Dr. Andrew Dacks' NIH research aims to alter fruit flies' sense of smell to explore how the nervous system copes with change. Read more here

  • Cumming

    Dr. Jonathan Cumming is researching acid soil and metal resistance in poplar trees to explore non-food stock sources for biofuel production.
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  • Daly

    Dr. Kevin Daly has trained a lab full of bomb-sniffing moths, sparking the interest of the United States Department of Defense.
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  • difazio

    Dr. Steve's Difazio's new NSF project: "Dimension U.S.-China: Collaborative Research: Sex Chromosomes and Dioecy in Plants as Drivers of Multi-Level Biodiversity," will be studying 30 different species in the willow and poplar family.
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  • Jim McGraw field work

    Dr. Jim McGraw and his students suspect wood thrushes will play an important role in helping ginseng survive climate change by helping it migrate from their warmer regions into cooler climates.
    Wild Ginseng, Wood Thrushes, and Climate Change: A Survival Story

  • Rio in Africa

    Dr. Rita Rio's new grant from National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases seeks to better understand the relationship between the tsetse fly and the parasite that spreads sleeping sickness disease.
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  • Thomas

    Dr. Richard Thomas's lab is using tree ring chronologies to compare trees that have been going through different histories of pollution—the east coast of the United States vs. the east coast of China—to see how trees have been responding to changes in pollution.
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  • Wei Research on Cleft Palletes

    Dr. Shuo Wei's grant from the National Institute of General Medical Science is to examine the signaling pathway that promotes both neural crest cell development and cancer cell development.
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