• Daly

    Kevin Daly has trained a lab full of bomb-sniffing moths, sparking the interest of the United States Department of Defense.
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  • Jennifer Hawkins field work

    Assistant professor Dr. Jennifer Hawkins built on a life-long fascination with the way puzzles fit together into a research career in genetics. With a new NSF grant, she will work with assistants like Vivian Delgado, left, on unlocking genetic mysteries that could lead to better ways to feed the world.
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  • Jim McGraw field work

    Funded by a National Science Foundation (NSF) Long Term Research in Environmental Biology (LTREB) grant, Dr. McGraw and his students peer into the lives of more than 4,000 individual ginseng plants each year to see how they're faring.
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  • Michelle Withers

    Michelle Withers, Biology education, curriculum and faculty development, implementing scientific teaching active learning, assessment and diversity in biology classrooms.
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  • smokehole research

    WVU biology professor's Central Appalachian Mountain research uncovers evidence that environmental legislation is reducing pollution, improving forests
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  • Wei Research on Cleft Palletes

    Dr. Shuo Wei and his lab have generated transgenic frogs that display fluorescence—or the emission of light—specifically in the neural crest. That way researchers can trace the development of these cells in real time and determine their gene expression patterns.
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Jon Weems is the manager of the Core Arboretum and writes the delightful Core Arboretum Email News. Now, in the spirit of sharing with those who are not on his email list, Jon has his own blog, the Core Arboretum Email News, posted on the Department of Biology’s web page.

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Recruitment poster 2013

Biology Colloquium

TIME AND LOCATION: The seminar is from 4:00 – 5:00 PM in LSB 3131. A reception for the speakers will follow ~5PM outside of LSB 3131.

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