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Ecotron and Greenhouses

Kristen Hunter Cevera

The Ecotron and greenhouses are a core facility for undergraduate, graduate and faculty researchers in the Department of Biology. They are a controlled environment facility located on the penthouse (6th floor) of the Life Science Building.

The Ecotron houses 10 plant growth chambers and six greenhouses with a total of over 172 square meters of growing space. Environmental surroundings in the growth chambers and greenhouses, such as atmospheric CO2, humidity, temperature and light can be controlled to grow plants under many experimental conditions, including expected conditions as the climate changes.

Classes using this facility include:

  • BIOL 321(The Total Science Experience, the Biology Capstone)
  • BIOL 350 (Plant Physiology)
  • BIOL 352 (Plant Anatomy and Development)
  • BIOL 361 (Plant Ecology)
  • BIOL 363 (Plant Geography)
  • BIOL 450 (Plant Systematics)
  • BIOL 493Y (Plants and Human Health)