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Elizabeth Thomas

Senior Lecturer Emeritus

Teaching Fields 

General Biology, Environmental Biology, and Biotechnology

Courses Taught:

  • Biology 102 – General Biology (Diversity and Physiology)
  • Biology 105 – Environmental Biology
  • Biology 106 – Environmental Biology Lab
  • Biology 107 – Biotechnology and Society

Ms. Thomas has taught in the Biology Department at WVU from 1999 to 2023. She enjoys being able to teach a diversity of topics to non majors which include: General Biology, Environmental Biology, and Biotechnology and Society along with Honors Biology seminars. 

Before beginning to teach at WVU, she worked in a wide array of research labs. Her master’s project involved the use of an electron microscope to investigate the ultrastructure of a marine polychaete, Moving on from that work, she proceeded to graduate work in the field of oceanography and worked on a project that involved the analysis of mitochondrial DNA sequences of blue crabs. Further research experiences includes several years monitoring desertification and global climate change as a research assistant at Duke University, breast cancer research at WVU’s Cancer Center, and work culturing and identifying mycorrhizal fungi in WVU’s Department of Soil Sciences.