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Which degree track is right for me? (B.S. vs B.A.)

Biology majors at WVU can choose to take a more technical degree route by pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree or the broader Bachelor of Arts degree. The B.S. tackles a more close analysis of scientific phenomenon, while the B.A. examines scientific fact in a social context. Whether you choose a B.S. or a B.A. depends on your educational and career goals.

The bachelor of science degree’s more science-intensive experience requires 20 hours of biology electives.

While the B.A. degree also offers students a solid biology foundation, it provides more opportunities for liberal arts courses and has a four-semester foreign language requirement. The degree also requires 14 hours of biology electives.

Both are suitable for applying to post-graduate educational programs including medical school, dental school and graduate school. Graduate program admission is not based on the type of degree, but rather on the preparation for a specific program.