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Nisan Hubbard, Ph.D

Teaching Assistant Professor, Associate Chair for Advising, Recruitment, and Retention


Dr. Hubbard’s interests revolve around creating and facilitating an effective, productive, and safe learning environment that is beneficial for all students that come into his classes/courses. He means to design courses to train and implement concepts and skills that are valuable and necessary in every student’s journey to their success and endeavors throughout their undergraduate experience. Currently, heis teaching Biology Orientation (BIOL 191), Advanced Human Physiology (BIOL 344), Reproductive Physiology and History in the future. His hope and ambition are to train students to be autonomous, critical thinkers and the next generation of leaders in the science field.

As an advisor for Biology Majors, Dr. Hubbard hopes to assist students in their academic journey and goals through constructing and implementing a personalized plan of success that they will use to achieve their endeavors in their undergraduate experience.


Dr. Hubbard’s past research experience and background revolve around Reproductive Biology and Physiology. His PhD thesis studies (Northwestern University) focused on understand how certain signaling pathways affected mammalian ovarian biology, specifically how early-stage follicle development is affected by the activation/inactivation of Notch Signaling.


Past community engagement that Dr. Hubbard has participated in involved mentoring and teaching in various capacities in scientific outreach programs within local and national clubs, such as the Boys and Girls Club of America, have conducted activities and science days for K-12 students, and judged in local and regional science fair. He has also participated in numerous seminars involved research and career development talking in local community settings and businesses.

Dr. Hubbard has also participated and facilitated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives and programs on college campuses, notably served as an Intern for The Graduate School at Northwestern University to be able to facilitate these efforts to push for campuses with safe spaces and places for diverse workforce and students as they contribute to the dynamic scientific community.

He hopes to continue these endeavors and community service within the community here in Morgantown.