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Michael Rotter, November 8

Please join the department of Biology in welcoming Dr. Michael Rotter, Assistant Professor of Biology at
Utah Valley University, for his talk entitled “Undergraduates and herbivores: What two hungry groups can tell us about non-native plant invasions." The talk will be held in Life Sciences Building and via livestream on November 8, 2021 at 4pm EST. For access to the livestream information, please contact Sarah Farris at

More on the talk:
Invasive plant species are a common presence throughout the world. Because of their economic and ecological impacts there has been a large body of research looking at the relative success of these plants. One fruitful area of investigation has been the ability of non-native plants to escape co-evolved herbivore enemies. Research in this area can become complicated due to the rearing of insect colonies and maintaining large numbers of plants. In this seminar Dr. Rotter will discuss our current understanding of non-native plants and their herbivore interact and ways we can include undergraduate researchers into solving some of the puzzles in these systems. 

Caterpillar on a leaf