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Melissa Lehrer

Hawkins Lab

Research Interests
My dissertation work focuses on quantifying the drought response in the grain crop Sorghum. More specifically, I am interested in: 1) identifying phenotypic indicators of grain yield maintenance in response to repeated and prolonged drought exposure, and 2) shedding light on the drought stress recovery and/or memory responses at the molecular and physiological levels. 

North American Plant Phenotyping Network Conference 2021 
Maize Genetics Meeting 2021
Roanoke College Alumni Seminar Series 2021

Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year (2018-2019)
Disciplinary Breadth Award: Maize Genetics Meeting (2021)
Graduate Student Productivity Award (2021)
David Blaydes Biology Dissertation Scholarship (2021)

Peer Support Graduate Associate (January 2020 - Present)
Diversifying Graduate Education and Recruitment Committee (September 2020 - Present)
Department of Biology: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (March 2021 - Present)

Teaching Interests
Plant Biology/Physiology
Model Organisms in Biological Research
Genetics and Genomics
Molecular Biology
Scientific Writing