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Brooke Eastman

Peterjohn Lab

Research Interests
I am interested in how forests store carbon and what environmental changes and human activities may alter the ability for forests to act as a carbon sink.  My dissertation research explores how nitrogen deposition from acid rain impacts forest health, by studying a long-term nitrogen addition experiment at the Fernow Experimental Forest in WV. I focus primarily on soil carbon pools and cycling, because more carbon is stored in soil than all vegetation and the atmosphere combined!  I am also collaborating with scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research to test soil carbon and nitrogen models at the Fernow study site to highlight areas of potentially impactful model improvement and project forest soil carbon under future environmental conditions/climate change. My additional interests involve connecting science to policy for addressing climate change and environmental justice.

Ecological Society of America Graduate Student Policy Award
National Center for Atmospheric Research Advanced Study Program
WVU Stem Completion Grant 

Publications and Presentations
Eastman B, Adams MB, Brzostek E, Burnham M, Carrara J, Kelly C, McNeil B, Walter C, Peterjohn WT. (2021). Altered plant carbon allocation enhanced carbon storage in forest vegetation and soil after 25 years of nitrogen additions. New Phytologist doi:
Eastman B., Adams MB, Peterjohn W. 2020. “Chronic N deposition directly and indirectly alters soil organic matter formation in a temperate forest.” Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting.
Convergence, continuity, and community: a framework for enabling emerging leaders to build climate solutions in agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture SK Birthisel, BA Eastman, AR Soucy, M Paul, RS Clements, A White, ...Climatic Change 162 (4), 2181-2195

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