Welcome Graduate Students!

The Department of Biology is committed to providing excellent graduate training by developing student’s abilities to think critically and analytically, to be creative, and to excel at communicating their ideas to others. Our faculty conduct cutting-edge research in many areas (see below), and students in the department can expect to work at the forefront of their field. Student training includes research experience, formal course work, teaching skills, and seminar and research presentations. The department is committed to success through diversity, and to maintaining a positive atmosphere that is both intellectually stimulating and, importantly, fun!

The Department of Biology offers programs leading to both the Master of Science (MS) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

An MS in biology provides ideal training for the jobs in education, business, and policy that increasingly require science-based decisions. Students will graduate with excellent skills in the analysis, critical evaluation, and communication of research studies.

The goal of the PhD program is to produce the next generation of independent researchers. Accordingly, PhD students are expected to emerge as creative, independent thinkers, having mastered both the art and skill of conducting thoughtful research, generating support for that research, and communicating their findings to others.

Graduate Research Areas


Dr. Kevin C Daly
Associate Chair for Graduate Studies

Department of Biology
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