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Laura Christian, Ph.D.

Teaching Assistant Professor

Teaching Interests

Dr. Christian teaches mainly upper division cell and molecular biology and biochemistry courses. These include Cell and Molecular Biology Methods (BIOL 410), Experimental Biochemistry (BIOL 493), and Neurobiological Diseases (BIOL 475). Students in these courses learn about the current state of the field and research methodology and apply this information to modern scientific problems. In the community, she teaches biology courses for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

Dr. Christian advises honors biology students.

Research Interests

Dr. Christian's past research interests have included many topics within cell biology and biochemistry. She worked with Dr. Shuo Wei at WVU examining crosstalk between the Wnt and Eph/ephrin cell signaling pathways during Xenopus tropicalis neural crest development. Her Ph.D. research (The University of Texas at Austin) focused on the intracellular organelle rearrangement which occurs in T cells during the focused secretion of molecules at a target cell. She has also worked in the fields of immunology and analytical chemistry.