The Core Arboretum

Core Arboretum trail map 2012

If you need information on the Core Arboretum, please get in touch with our arboretum specialist, .

The 91-acre Core Arboretum is mostly old-growth forest on steep hillside and Monongahela River flood plain. 3.5 miles of trails provide access to densely wooded areas and 3 acres of lawn planted with specimen trees. Best known for its “spring ephemeral” wildflowers, the Arboretum is a great place to study, observe, and enjoy trees, plants, and birds.

Strictly an outdoor facility, the Arboretum contains benches and a small amphitheater, but no buildings or roofed pavilions.

Comfort facilities are available at the nearby WVU Coliseum and Creative Arts Center.

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